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Copy Paper vs Printer Paper

What is copy paper vs printer paper? Isn’t there just one kind of printer paper? Unfortunately, there are many, many different types of paper designed for different printers and printing styles.

But don’t worry, We will give an explaination. This post will outline the difference between copy paper, printer paper, multipurpose paper, typing paper, laser paper, and coated paper. We’ll also answer some common questions about paper weight, thickness, and brightness


Copy paper is both slightly cheaper and slightly thinner than printer paper. If you only need to print text, you can use either kind. When it comes to printing documents with images, you’ll need to select thicker printer paper, which weighs more. It has to do with the amount of light that passes through each sheet of paper. Copy paper is more transparent than printer paper. Printing documents on copy paper will leave you with saturated, moist-looking images.

But as far as printing text or copying documents go, copy paper is an affordable option that will get the job done. Types of copy paper vary in size, with the most common forms being letter (8.5 x 11 inches) and legal (8.5 x 14 inches).  


Copy paper and multipurpose paper are very similar, though multipurpose paper is brighter than regular copy paper. The multipurpose part means the paper can be used in a variety of ways, from copy machines to fax machines to printers—and, of course, to keep any young office visitors occupied along with a box of crayons

Multipurpose paper’s enhanced brightness means it will print slightly crisper images than copy paper. There is also premium multipurpose paper available, which is better quality, but if it’s important that your images be super clear and defined, you’ll want thicker paper


Typing paper could refer to paper from a couple of decades ago that was designed for use in an old-fashioned typewriter. You can still buy this type of vintage paper, though whether it actually performs better than ordinary printer paper is a matter of opinion

If you’re just looking for paper to print typed documents from a computer, regular printer paper is all you’ll need, or you could go slightly cheaper and purchase copy/multipurpose paper


Laser paper is made to withstand the heat of a laser printer. Laser printers use toner to produce more vibrant and brilliant images via the printer’s fuser rollers, which fuse the toner to the page with heat. When it comes to laser printer paper vs. copy paper, if you have a laser printer, laser paper will certainly work better, as that is what it’s made for. Copy or multipurpose paper will also work in a laser printer just don’t expect the images to look as crisp